Destination: Unknown

              Everyone’s fell in their destination And my destination is not his home My destination is not on him And his destination is definitely not on me How to be strong? If the feelings always sting? How to survive without him? If everyday you’re expecting him? How to unattached […]

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Good for your summer crave!

CLUB MANILA EAST. A resort-hotel that is located at Taytay, Rizal. A perfect place to satisfy your summer crave! It is ideal for those who wants to have a quick break from their life in Metro. It is a wonderful destination to get away from the noise that you’ve encounter every day but the best […]

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Sleep well

I remember the day when you still here We spoiled you as much as we can Buy you things, Buy you foods We even feed you with our bare hands everyday I miss you Shamu! The way you wiggle your tail every time you see me The way you lick my hand and I don’t […]

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Conserve Nature

Nature is beautiful God’s creation is really wonderful So if you want to conserve it Faster before it became too late Sun smile so brightly The flowers that moves gracefully You can never see them happy If you just continue being adequately

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A piece of paper

So earlier, as I scanned my things on my drawer, I saw a folded paper and saw that it’s the letter I wrote 2 years ago on our English subject. So here it is…   February 4, 2015 Dear Mama and Papa, I promise to be a good daughter because I know, sometimes, I’m not. […]

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